You talk incessantly all day long. Not about anything that matters or of importance, I think you just love to hear your own voice. You think you are SO special because you have work meetings more frequently now and have to announce it constantly. This, on top of how you are "gluten/dairy/grain" and can't eat this or that (NO idiot - you choose not to eat these things, not because you are allergic/intolerant but because you have no life and nothing else to talk about) has pushed me to the edge of patience. It's been 2+ years of your constant, LOUD as hell voice, ignorant, clueless blabbering. I'm not going to be able to hold myself back any longer so please stop. Get a life outside of work and either find other topics to complain about to at least give me a reprieve or SHUT the HELL UP. You are not special and no one cares, especially those that work around you that you try so hard to impress.