Single Female Hot For Woo's Paradox


Looking into people's eyes are overrated. I can't tell a damn thing what a person thinks by looking into their eyes.
God forbid the woman makes the first move.
3 out of 10
Not counting the sweat, are we talking dry humping or wet humping? Dry? Then it's not Woo's Paradox, it's Bloo Paraballz.
Not that I need any confirmation about how non-nonsensical people's decision making process is when it comes to picking a partner, but this post says it all.

The author appears to implicitly admit that they're not attracted to kind and respectful men. In deed, she's admitting that she's working off a strictly sexual attraction basis.

Fast forward to most women bitching about how shallow men are about women's looks, and boom... Instant hypocrisy!!!!

I don't enjoy being single, but I like far better than dating.
It really sounds like you're not getting much these days. I hope these guys you're categorizing materialize and your sheets get funky. Don't throw the small-of-your-back out! Toodles.
You've got this all wrong. Kind and Respectful guy is the one who would hold the door for you.

Drunken Meathead Boor that you are lusting after will not only make you pick him up before you buy his drinks he will also make you cook him breakfast on your stove with your food after he fucks you in the ass all night.
^if I fuck you all night in ANY orifice, the least you can do is cook me some food.
Wait a minute, who is this general? Not that guy on the insurance ad? And why is she rejecting "kind and respectful" -- if he's that, wouldn't he accept her rejection with dignity? Are there like three guys she's talking to, or one guy with three heads? What the heck is this about? It sounds like a dream or at least an explanation of why most of Portland singles can't seem to figure out how to plan a simple date without consulting a support group.