Why is it that you older, baby boomer types, must make that sniffing noise in the men's room once someone else walks in? Are you taking whiffs or Is it to find a way to let everyone know you are in there, on the shitter, and to not try the door? Makes sense to me, I suppose. But(t)....

What's really with all you older dudes and your grunting noises? I get it, just not in public. I see your shoes dangling under the stall and they are fancy. Why so vulnerable in such a shithole in public? You are just begging for it. To get mugged that is.

Grunty ass groaner, I'm the "asshole" you yell at when I turn off the bathroom lights at places like Hollywood Freddy's when I stop in for flowers, sushi, a 40 and a quick pee. Your howling cracks me up.

Do your hardcore shitting at home as it is obvious you need some fucking serious help and clues. You gross ass old man