Look bridge and tunnel people, I know it makes you feel all fancy and metropolitan that there's a "street musician" out in front of your favorite Food Network Featured eateries but guess what, he's driving us up the wall.

He makes a shitload of money off your goodwill and generosity. A ton. Like, it's a wonder why he hasn't been robbed yet wandering around with that fat wallet. (He doesn't tip the local bartenders btw. He orders fries, stays for hours and doesn't ever tip.) He's also a total fucking dick. He's confrontational with the locals and even the other homeless.

The problem is, as long as he manages to exploit you, he's not going anywhere. And his 5 hours of bucket drumming is driving all of us fucking crazy. So just don't give him money ok? Or if you buy his sob story then get him a voucher from Sisters of the Road because I can promise you food isn't what his cash is going to. (Ever wonder how someone drums for 5 hours straight and doesn't have a cup of coffee next to him? Just think about it for a second.)

Please, please, please think of the locals when you pass his yellow hatted head and skip the tip. Give it to anyone else instead. I promise you there are more deserving people on this street. Or go into one of the bars and leave an extra tip for the bartender to make up for his lack of generosity.

Obviously I have one of these idiots in mind but this goes for pretty much any douchebag who plays percussive instruments for long periods of time....