When I saw you laying there on the side of the road, I froze. You had obviously been hit by a car on your bike, for I saw the mangled thing not far from you. You were laying still, but I could see you breathing, at least I think I saw you breathing. I didn't know what to do, so I rode right on past, pretending like I didn't see you. I rode about 50ft and for a moment thought of turning back and maybe finding the courage to help you, but I didn't. I've taken first aid and CPR at work; they require it, but I never really felt comfortable with my "certification." I hope someone stopped to help you, I really do. I've been thinking about you quite a bit and I feel like a coward for leaving you laying there on the side of the road...but I can't really say that if I saw you again I wouldn't just keep on riding. I guess I'm a coward and a dick, but I hope you're alive; I really do.