I need your helpful advice, but also your levity to lighten my mood. What's a guy gotta do to get a doctor to pull that scrip-writ in' pen out of his holster, Cluck like a chicken? 15 years or more ago, I had hepatitis C, my recently widowed 85 year old mother (God rest her soul) was living across the street and had a heart attack, she survived, but needed a lot of attention, my wife and I had very stressful jobs, and had a small houseful of pets. We both were prescribed light Mg's of alphaprozalem and it helped. We took 1/2 pill a day and (okay perhaps an extra 1/2 for a real rough spot. We don't drink and didn't become basket cases. We didn't accelerate and eventually stopped taking them.

Jump up to almost the present. We retired couldn't keep up the payments on our multiply refinanced double mortgaged home and make C.O.B.R.A. Insurance payments. We went through foreclosure, cataract surgery, my wife suffered cartilage shattering, was on crutches. We asked our different family doctor for some emotional help. I got a big NO. My Mrs. had to see a shrink twice a week to get .5 mg clonazapam. We underwent giving all our things away, flying out to Portland and starting from scratch sharing her script. I'm still getting "sorry that stuff can bring on early Alzheimer's or you might black out driving your car or fall and break a hip. I'm 67 can do 40 push-ups and 100 sit-ups. Help me out here. Who do I have to Cluck for?