I get it. Your lawn is as about important to you as your close relatives. You take care of this baby 365 and it shows. I see you out there, doing weird John Deere shit to it all year long ( fertilizing, trimming, massaging, that green pretty lawn)

It's a very nice lawn.

Years ago, I've stumbled home from the bar and peed on it, late night. I did some swirly crop circle pattern that might make you think some fairy spaceship landed there.
Funny to me and my homies to watch you replace that patch a few days later....ha ha. Good times....

Yeah yeah, I'm an asshole. But here is what I don't get; you take up the entire sidewalk to work on your lawn. You block it off with machines, barrels and bags and all kinds of crap.

I was walking my dog home the other day and it looked that your intention is/was to force the population to walk around your doings...

Nope, not me. I stood my ground and said "would you please move that shit so I can pass please"?

You mumbled something and moved some shit around so I could pass and I said "what"!? I stopped and said " you got a fucking problem!? "Huh"? You hunkered back down to your perfect lawn and were visibly upset.

I guess I am back yo late night lawn pissing again. A task completed easily with a great follow up on your behalf viewed from my kitchen nook while I enjoy mimosas and a nice breakfast.