Today while a passenger in a friend's car, with great music playing~~~~I had a familiar day dream. I am not planning to die any time soon;but just in case, I hope it will be a good time for all. You see music is what keeps me alive mentally, and I have a wonderful voice. So I've been told a lot of times. You name it I can sing it. I'll be dead, so I will have a fun video,then sing my favorite songs. Just three songs will get the attenders on their feet.

I hope a lot of people come, a sing a long would be great as they close my casket. I would love to have a tribute to myself, but then again, that would be too expensive for my favorite person.

I'm going to work on this in my daydreams as I have for so many years. Just curious how it will be,and have I accomplished what I was meant to do in my life.