And can we all agree that there are at least 4 things a neighbor can do that are annoying? 1. Not having garbage service. Yes, I know owner occupied properties are not required by the city to have garbage service. But, they are required to keep it contained and dispose of it on a somewhat similar basis as a garbage service would provide. I'm talking about neighbors who store this shit on the side of their house or on the driveway. 2. Honking their car horn to call someone out, rather than getting out of the fucking car and walking the 15ft to the doorstep. 3. Slamming car doors each and every time you enter or exit. This annoyance holds special consideration when it's before 5am. 4. Not having jobs and being the nosiest motherfuckers that ever lived. Always sucking on those damn cigarettes on the front porch and staring at the neighbors all hours of the day. No matter the time you arrive home, you know there will be a pair (or pairs) of eyes watching you without shame. Honorable mention: Because of said lack of job, wearing pajamas all day and walking up and down the block like it's your living room. Can we all agree that these are annoyances? Any sympathizers out there like to make excuses for these people?