So whose brilliant idea was it to remove all the public seating in the breezeway between Safeway and Lloyd Center. It provided people a place to sit down and take a rest and take in the day. . Old people like me trekking to Safeway and stopping to rest and check my shopping list, store clerks having a seat to eat lunch outside, rich people, poor people, old people young people, homeless people, people who use drugs. Aye there's the rub. Homeless people and people who use drugs are not people. They don't deserve a place to sit down and look up at the sky like the rest of us. We might have to notice they exist. Plus they are soooooo dangerous. God knows they might kill us all. Or we might have look at them or talk to them or interact with them. They might say good morning, or how ya doing or offer to sell us a copy of Street Roots. It is all too scary.