Ambition. Fuck ambition.
I use to have ambition. Well, still do. For certain things.
Like catching a sunset, climbing a mountain, riding a nice wave, being a good neighbor and friend, writing a song, playing music, creating art, and being creative, watching endless marathons of my fucking favorite show, perfecting a life of happiness that won't matter anyway because I will die, and no one will know have of what I think.
But ambition to work. To work solely for money. Fuck that. To work harder to always try to do a better job, to rise higher in the system. Fuck that. To grow with a company so that some asshole can see how I take pride in my work, therefore should get a raise, and become manager. Fuck that. So some new ambitious fuck that monger can come along, change policy, cut hours, reduce electricity usage, and build business, all the while creating terrible morale, and feelings of being demoted after 10 years of heart and sole to a job and life that is constantly impermanent. Fuck that.
You will get just the right amount of me so that I don't get fired. I'm getting paid by the hour, and I don't care for what your ambition is for.