As my fat infested body roams these city streets, all I can think about all day long: Food. I typically eat fast food and I usually order the extra large, biggie, grand, whatever the biggest portions are. i shovel this food into my face and am quickly ashamed of myself. I can barely look in the mirror anymore, under the threat of being even more ashamed than I was the moment before. I wake up every day alone, covered in my sweat stained sheets that are infused with a stink that only an obese man can produce. As I shuffle through my house, I don't think about women, sex, family, none of that. I think about breakfast. My breakfast consists of 5 eggs, 6 slabs of bacon, toast, a cup of coffee and 2 danishes. I'm ashamed of myself and I carry this burden every moment of my life. I need food. But. what I don't need is you motherfuckers looking at me, pointing at me, whispering comments under your fucking breath: That's what I don't need. NEXT TIME ONE OF YOU BASTARDS DO THIS I'M GOING TO GRAB YOU BY YOUR FUCKING HAIR, SHOVE YOUR FACE INTO A FOLD AND MAKE YOU EAT MY FUNGI!