I am a server and a bartender. I perform both tasks at my restaurant because there aren't enough bartending shifts available to make ends meet so I pull a couple serving shifts each week to support myself. I'm really good at both- 10 years experience and a great track record! But do you know what's weird? The way I'm treated by my customers drastically changes depending on which position I am working. I'm the same person whether behind the bar or on the floor. I'm female, average size, friendly, charismatic and I pride myself on my skills. The bartending shifts are always preferable to serving and this is simply because (despite my unwavering consistency in friendliness, efficiency and customer service) my tips as well as the level of kindness and respect I receive from my customers drops dramatically when I am on the floor serving. And what's even more perplexing is that regulars who know me by name and have received great service from me on either side of the bar still tip worse, treat me with less respect and demand more of me when I'm acting as their server as opposed to their bartender. How sad that the moment I step out from behind the bar and start doing more leg work, I become stupider, more accountable for any mistake involving the food preparation ( Yup, I don't cook it myself)....and of course -less deserving of your tips and respect. Think about that the next time you choose to sit at a table, rather than at the bar top.