You know, I once considered you a friend, someone I could count on. We had some great times. But you can be a real self centered shit. Your disorganization and lack of follow through, sensitivity to off hand comments, combined with your oh so charming passive aggressive bullshit. And what the fuck is with beefing with people over petty shit? People you just met? I would understand if you were in high school, but your almost 40 now, and why are you so self conscious about your age? Well, remember when you told me your wife had an affair, you know, more than one time and to keep it on the down low with the crew? Well, the thing is that was me. She never told you, did she? I did break it off though, damn that woman has got some deep rooted issues, and I guess you do too, which makes you two perfectly fucked for each other. Despite the fact that we will most likely never speak again, I don't hate you, it's weird really, after the shit you pulled, fuck! In closing, I would like to tip you off to the fact that you have the fucking worst body order ever. I really don't know what the fuck man, but damn dude, it's like the pungent stank of forever. I had to have my car shampooed to get the smell out after that trip to Eugene. You should get that checked out.