Look, I got three fucking things. I'm paying in cash. I get behind you in line and you proceed to make me wait for your self entitled ass as you purchase your rich people foods.

I get it. "Ohh, look at me and my expensive tastes".. "You! Wait and watch and take stock of what us rich people buy" . For crying out loud, I just. Want. To. Leave. You could have been a rad person and let me go ahead, but you didn't.

Here's where it's funny; a shopping cart flying towards your Lexus c/o another c**t (like you). I could have stopped it but I didn't. Thump! And you get out mid park job and make 12 other people wait while you inspect your damage.

A true bitch. If I see you again anytime soon, I'm going to fuck your husband. Or at least try.