It's your choice to live the way you want. To get pickled & do coke on the day to day. To put your "friends" ahead of people that have known you your entire life & care for you. To surround yourself with people who are too weak to call you out on your behavior & potentially deadly cactions. But please stop saying that your family abandoned you. Our doors are always open to you. We constantly check our phones for a return text or phone call from you. You moved in with me when you said you needed to get back on your feet. Remember? Family flew in from out of town just to express their concern and love for you! How can you say you were abandoned? There is a huge difference between judging someone & loving someone. It's PAINFUL to see you miscontrue a genuine message of concearn as judgement. I get it, life's a bitch, shit is hard, things go wrong but it gets even shittier when you shut out the ones that have the guts to tell you that you're hurting yourself. This is nothing that I haven't told you before but, GET IT TOGETHER! WE LOVE YOU FOR FUCK'S SAKE!