So after a hookup by mutual friends we went to the park and then other day to the movies, and other day to the marble statue museum. I kinda never heard back from her. What was it? That I opened some doors for you? That I was sensible to shades of your life? That I didn't bombed your cel phone with answer me back please? You just vanished into thin air. No more pics of your travels in your shared cloud blog. No messages in my wazzap. No FB invitation. I even wrote you a Valentines and it was like my 2nd Valentine evaaarrr. Cuz if you don't feel it why do it. I think you were over once and met one of my parents who was very nice 'n' cool to you. I'm gonna go listen to some emo music, or some depressing music if I find one, and crash in my couch looking out the window. Well not maybe like that but what the hell!