To the fucking asshole who left his two sweet little dogs tied to a pole Saturday night in the pouring rain while he stuffed his face on 23rd: oh,really, you thought they'd "dry out under here?" Under what? They weren't under anything you idiot, except a parking sign and the sky. Neither of which would have kept your poor little soaked and shivering dogs dry. And really, you didn't know that the rain had "really picked up?" You are a fucking liar. Any reason you couldn't have left them back in your super cool loft while you were out being super cool and trendy on 23rd street? Dogs aren't accessories, and you don't deserve even a goldfish. I should have punched you in the face and taken them home with me. But the sad thing is that even though you are a lying selfish dickcheese, those little doggies probably still love you, so do right by them asshole.