Im not opposed to tipping for certain services, e.g taxi cabs, food service, and strippers. But tipping has gotten completely out of control. Anywhere i go i feel like i have to tip somebody because there is a tip jar. Jesus, so I have to tip when I go to the record store and buy a record, get a tattoo, refill my growler at the refill station, or tip the person who puts my medical marijuana in one of those green plastic jars. Tipping my budtender is like tipping my pharmacist at Walgreens, really?! I Went to the deli, ordered small amount cup of cole slaw and a tiny slab of meat, oh dear you took you 3 mins to package it, guess you deserve a tip. Fuck off, i work at home and sit on my ass making art all day , when i sell something in a gallery do I get a tip for my services, Hell No!, So Fuck You and You Tips.