Hey cyclists, just because some idiot in a car without any traffic control device to waive you through a stop sign doesn't mean you have the right of way when you are crossing in the roadway. There's another direction of traffic without a traffic control device. Thanks for deciding your convenience is more important than my right of way (and doubly inconveniencing me since I was riding a bike on a slight incline). And thanks to the asshole behind you who also decided to breeze through the stop sign as I was starting up again.

And thanks to you other lot who completely ignored the pedestrians in the crosswalk around Mary's and filtered around me as I (and people driving cars) let them cross. Special props to the two who swerved around both sides of the walking group at near full speed. You truly are ambassadors to our city.

And today isn't really a rare experience of this type of behavior. I've had two traffic accidents bike commuting in my close to 20 years in this town and both were caused by other bikers (the reaction to the guy who ran into the back of me at a stop sign because he just started on his fixie (paraphrased actual quote) last year was tits!).

Between all of that, the sheer whinny nature of most people who profess the "bike culture" and the pablum spewed from the comments of a certain bike centric local blog, I'm pretty certain cyclists in this town are a bunch of self entitled, sanctimonious c****s.