The word is meaningless.

Why are they a hipster? A band t-shirt at a hole in the wall bar? hipster. shirt and tie in a fancy cafe? hipster. glasses? hipster. plaid? western shirt? jeans? messy hair? slick hair? When I was young, we could tell a hipster by their white belts and coke habits. What's the new fucking standard? they have a different style of dress than you? they're part of a subculture or social group you don't have access to? they're passionate about something you don't understand?
Especially all you bullshit 'Yelpers.' If you don't have a better dig than calling the staff hipsters you shouldn't be writing about the place on the internet.
I'll make you a deal, you can assume I'm a hipster, whatever you think that means, and I'll assume you're a dipshit from the suburbs with no idea about what I do. I'll concede, however, this goddam bad mustache trend, can we let that fad die already?