I saw a guy letting his dog shit on a bush on Division and 60-something. Yes, ON a bush! It was a small bush, and the dog was of medium size, but I had never seen a dog actually shitting on a bush and it was disgusting. I honked my horn at him because he obviously wasn't going to pick it up. This idiot wore his baseball cap sideways, wore baggy-ass pants to the point where you could see his nasty undies and donned a pencil thin mustache. (he was white, by the way) He turns around and flips me off, all offended looking. I honk again, flip him off and decide to go around the block to fucking confront his ass, but when I came back, he and his ugly mutt were gone. I get out of my truck to snap a photo and what do I see? Piles of shit surrounding this bush and a few others. This moron apparently does this on a daily basis. It just makes me hate dogs even more. I know it's the idiot owner's fault, but this kind of thing produces so much rage in me, there's plenty to go around.