Today we tried to take the number 20 bus to St. Vincent's from downtown around 4 pm... the worst mistake in the world. Bus broke down twice because of broken rear doors, bus driver was kind about it but she was clearly scared her bus was going to be stranded near the Pittock mansion in the middle of rush hour. After the appointment, we took the Max back into the city; it got stopped before Hollywood because the police had to get some crazy drunk off the train in front of ours and the trains got backed up all the way to Pioneer Square. And to top it all off, once we got the 75 back up to NE Portland, some developmentally delayed kid dislocates his knee trying to get into his seat on the bus, and we have to clear out of the bus while the paramedics show up to rescue him. Moral of the story: get a car2go membership and when all else fails, rent the nearest car and escape Portland's public transit nightmare.