Exiting the office it's all smiles and high fives - a last furtive look at that secretary, "does she like me? Yeah, she must."

Stepping on the elevator, the polished brass image of all occupants starts staring back at you as the doors slowly close. Nineteen to go, multiple stops, an eternity... you rapidly reach for your "blankie" device.

Out comes your phone, head instantly dropping to a mindless stare. Gazing intently at emails already read, perhaps a text - but no time, only ten floors to go... just look like you're doing something really really important, like solving the Bolivian Budget Crisis or crafting a reply to the Joint Chiefs - "yes general, that would be fine - you have my blessing!"

OMG - two floors to go. Now the ear buds. Don't bother me I can't hear you anyway... the lobby is so, so close.

Suddenly, the metal mirror opens and societal exposure begins again, buds in - the look is good.

And away you go, out of the building toward the next "sanctuary." Bud music flows as you walk briskly past other life forms, less sapient of course. Your head's up now, for that is the form of the publicly oblivious ignoramous enhanced music experience.

Such a Brave New World... full of cowards like you.