I'm not sure why engine idling is a thing but most recently a white Subaru sat in front of my apartment for 30 minutes just humming away. Were you waiting for someone? The weather was mild so I don't think you needed a heater or air conditioning. It's not just you either, dickhead truckers idle outside of my window every day making deliveries and most recently I busted a little douchebag who was doing it every night and worked nearby. (Except that little fucker had never heard/wanted to hear of DEQ. His engine was louder than a semi. Also his "sustainable" employer wasn't impressed) Do none of you understand what a waste of gas it is? Or how bad for the air? Or just how fucking noisy your cars are? I'm genuinely confused. My favorite are those of you who leave your cars unlocked with keys in the ignition and no person to be found. I'm not the illegal stuff type but I do know plenty who are. And all I'm saying is I wouldn't continue idling your engine regularly in one place. Unlocked cars attract all kinds of characters. So anyway, for the sake of noise, the environment and your own possessions, stop leaving your engines idling.