Take the title and say it like disneys goofy. Because that's how you looked and seemed with your busted up, infected toe. "That's some gross ass shit3" I said and pointed down at you in your slippers, utilikilt and all, as we were waiting in line at pine state biscuits on Alberta today.

People like you should be required, by law, to wear socks. That shit was nasty man, and I mean super nasty.

Thinking that under your kilt was just a bare sack and an anus made things more nasty....

We were eventually seated, not by you, but it could see the other diners gaping at your cracked fungus stub.

You need to cover that shit, I pointed it out to the manager and he comped our meal. She didn't say anything to you but you are putting people out of business with your grossness....,,,,,