Apparently, according to you and internet body language “experts” I exhibit the following on a regular basis:

I am a liar.
I am deceitful.
I never want to be part of a conversation.
I have no intention of listening to what you are saying.
My eye movements are only communicating disinterest.
If and when I scratch an itch, or shift my body position, whatever I have just said means nothing.

I can assure you, verbally, you know with words? that this is not the case but that would only be communicating with 10% of the available bandwidth of communication, correct? Right.

None of those disclaimers I made about being a nervous person, shifty eyed, and scratching like a crack head because of anxiety medication, or lack thereof, have any weight because you watched some TED talks about body language, and my lifetime of jitters, and for the most part involuntary nervous movements due to being on 7 different anti-psychotics, 5 different mood stabilizers, and lets throw in the anti-depressants for safe measure, at different times in my life should have any contextual meaning at this moment.
No, those are all crutches, and pillars of medically sanctioned excuses for my deceitful nature.