Kids these days. Crying about how Pot's not legal. Back in the day, we didn't give a rat's fucking ass about that shit. We used to smoke joints on street corners, while obediently waiting for the light to change. Nobody ever got hurt. We not only smoked grass openly out in public, we smoked at rock concerts and even in movie theaters. Big fucking, deal. This was before decriminalization. There used to be outdoor rock concerts in the Portland Public Parks every weekend. Washington Park and Mount Tabor, were always packed with crowds of flower children, generously passing high quality dubies of Panama Red, and Michoacán, to total strangers. The pigs just stood by to witness the peaceful coexistence of harmless consumption of non toxic Cannabis. Eventually, so as not to appear impotent to stop all this, Oregon Government became the first in the country to decriminalize Marijuana. This resulted without any organized protest, petition, or ballot measure. It was a true, spontaneous combustion Grass roots happening. Take a hint! Take a hit!