Making a left? How awesome. So stoked for you! Just a couple of things: the turn signal, let's turn it on prior to turning. Also, is it broken? Let's find that out 3x yearly.

Are you willing to hold up 124,087 cars while you make this left? Rad, make it count. Buy us all a pizza or some shit as we have been waiting for your ass to get the fuck out of the way since 2012.

Also, hug the center line! Ever thought of that one?! That's why everyone rages up and around you. You pulled a huge dick ohs move and blocked all traffic so so could. Make. Your. Self. Entitled. Left handed. Turn.

I'm looking at you sandy blvd. and all the dick weeds who travel thee.

*hey you hateful commenters, here's an advance fuck you coupon to clip-and-save by jumping off a local bridge for a free middle finger pointed your way.... I'll redeem a middle finger to each and everyone of you. Just punch in the savings code Fu-beEyotch after following the link.