With the boom of luxury apartments and condos on the rise in my hood, I was in denial that this city was pushing the bohemian, quirky characters out of my beloved SE. Than today, the displacement of Cartopia is the nail in the coffin.
WTF? I enjoy the quirkiness, my artisans, my tattooed covered, my funky art making and clothes wearing and non-chained anything and everything. This is the last place us 30 somethings can enjoy a meal under $20, a smoke, a bourbon and beer and not have to use selective language around minors.
I don't want to pay $900 for a studio. I do not want to shop at a Whole Foods or have a Starbucks every two miles. I don't want restaurants that close at 9pm.
Where can I sign up to find a way to keep the SE from turning into the Pearl?