I will never learn. Homeless woman sitting outside Safeway on Broadway with a dog. I had already made purchases and was leaving the store. I thought "oh fuck it" and went back in and got 4 cans of "Woof" dog food for the doggie, some string cheese, a salad and a bottle of water. She was real sweet and thanked me. She's a bit diminished mentally I think, had crossed eyes, and was pretty dirty. I gave her $5.00 which I don't normally do (just food, pet food and water). Said take care and split and turned around to see some weasel turd guy who had been watching from a distance rush up to her and take the $5.00. He hangs out of sight and whatever money she gets he grabs. Motherfucker. So yeah no more money, ever, yet again. I am so fucking stupid. And don't give them receipts ever, they turn in the dog food for money. I just wish that fucker would get hit by a fucking train.