Hey upper mgmt,

Heard you lost your jobs!
Remember how you treated staff and freelance help? Remember how you often said "work harder, not smarter?" You all never listened to a single staff member, fired those who disagreed with you, and went against the grain at every opportunity.

With your reputations in the Pacific Northwest, who exactly do you think is going to help with your new venture? We have been working in this business for far longer than you, and it will be a delight to watch your new venture fail.

All I can say, is seeing you all get pink slips was one of the best days I've had in years. You people who can't even draw, use a simple computer, but have "passion for animation" should get into another business. One that demands you actually do something other than sit on your every growing fat asses, trying to operate the margarita machine.

In summary: FUCKING LOL. -The talent.