A Portland high school recently employed a new principal, we’ll can him X, who is concerned more with how he’ll look to the PTA than the welfare of his students or quality of education they receive. For example, the student newspaper was going to publish a truthful, but respectful article that would put the school and this man in a negative light.
The only reason this article needed to be published was it concerned the safety of the faculty and students. X sent an email to the student newspaper demanding the immediate destruction of said article, as it had not been published yet, and the staffs’ word that the story would never be published. The student paper staff politely informed X that they, by law, had every right to publish said article. A month later the staff received notice that as of the following year there would be no more newspaper, but instead a magazine. Because the magazine would be more expensive, the local advertisements that fund that the paper would have a hard time continuing their business.
Without these necessary funds the paper would have to be paid for, and owned, by X. He has successfully controlled his high profile image, while teaching his students that the right to free speech can in fact be bought.