You stupid fucks. Ok, plopping said box down in the curbside of your property, on top of the lawn. Let's do the math: 3 2x6(cutting down the 3rd to make 2 creating a rectangle) plus the soil, plus the seeds or starters AND the motherfucking labor to finish what is a true eyesore as all fuck,all to grow and show some vegetables. Awesome. You are a true "homesteader"!

My dog pees on your peas. And I can only imagine what else goes on with your street strawberries and tomatoes etc....

Here's the thing: all that hard work and time and MONEY and for what? In the end it's wayyyyy cheaper to just go to whole foods/new seasons for .!?

Grow some fucking flowers or plants instead for fuck sakes! Ideally indigenous ones. Or put in a horseshoe pit, skateable curbs or even a bench to rest on. Those chintzy planter boxes are nothing but a waste of time and a place for me to vomit and raccoons to diarrhea.