I don’t care if you were singing Slegdehammer to me, my ass is not a check cashing place! I did not ask nor do i wish for, your finger print on my target area before you request another song. All I was doing was putting my phone on the charger at the place of my employment, WHICH, does not give you the right to grab, pat, slap, pinch, poke, or four finger tap the middle of my ass when I’m bent over not facing you because you think I have a great (ass) sense of humor.

There will be no big dipper sightings going up and down, or around a bend. And you’re not ever going to get bumper cars bumping, fuck face.

You need to kick this habit that lets you love the hypotenuse, because the only sledgehammer you’re going to get, is my back kick without a conscious thought going into your unborn children. My ass is not your fucking fruitcage!

The donkey kick to balls, and the side of 86’d that you ordered is ready now Douche Drip. Do you need a to go box?