i would appreciate some real & genuine advice here.
My little brother, who is 36 yrs. old, is living with my mother.In her bedroom. sleeping on the floor, but most of the time, under the covers watching movies, or sitting at the computer together. They stay awake all night & sleep all day together. She has to ask his permission to spend her money.She supports him in every way.
He does not work & has not for many, many years. He is an alcoholic, who abuses women & children.
She is a "survivor" of paternal rape & molestation. She also lost her first born son, my big brother, when he was 20. but that was 20 years ago!
i put him in jail, last week, for abusing me, for the last time. The judge let him go, with an order to do work release. He's already on probation for assaulting me & my father 3 months ago. All he got then was work release.
i don't want to see him in jail. i want help! i want to not have to live with his abuse, & i want him to get some fucking help in his life. Any suggestions?