To all you newbie Portlander’s……. the water reservoirs here where created to be uncovered.
I as a Portland native understand this. We native Portlander’s never had any “water” emergency as this.
Most of us are raised on our great Bull Run tap water. I suppose we accepted the fact that occasionally birds fly over these reservoirs or animals drink from them, or on rare occasions a few High School seniors experience there right of passage into public nudity with a midnight dare skinny dip in them.
Ok I sympathize with your infants and elderly or immune challenge folks. Shouldn’t you have been already drinking distilled water? The rest of us hardy folks can stand up to this challenge.
Really you big bullies at the water Bureau all you need to say to us simple folks is…. Hey we are going to
cover these Mother of *uck reservoir’s with your consent or scare you into it!!! I say poo-poo on you
at the Water Bureau. I say enjoy the unique effervescence of Portland’s water 2014…… organic Bird infused water. Man up down at Portland Water Bureau I say!