A dozen upon a time a big powerful country was bored. It wanted more land, oil, and influence. It gathered up its poor and impressionable young men and women and sent them out to restore order in a troubled land. They were encouraged to be as wild as they could be. Their job was to kill all the people young old and in between that their mother country said were bad to the bone and after one year they could go home, back to their families, jobs, supervisors, foremen and all sorts of other lilly white role models. Then they were told just "fit back in now. You can't be wild noooo more. Just behave yourself. Don't get sick, cause there's so many of you and our budget allotment can't take care of all of you. Really can't you just think good thoughts and forget about the bad year or so you had. Come on Man Up, Get back in the game. Use the skills we taught you and become a good law aiding, tax paying (if you can find a job) citizens. Is anybody out there looking for a good machine gunner, grenade tosser or flame thrower?