There you are again.
Obviously you were born, because you are here.
You were born that day, then somehow life went astray because you are living how you are. Which is out of a couple bags, roaming endlessly on Tri-met.
I do wonder what happens to you when you get off on various stops which are never the same stops.
Your body, mind, and soul occupy space and time in this universe, here in this place of existence.
And I wonder? What good are you for? What do you contribute to the world, and society, or community? You don't have manners, talents, compassion for life or humans, courtesy, or skills. How do I know this? Because I'm not stupid. If you had any one of those basic ingredients, you wouldn't be living out of your duffle bag, crowding up the bus, and looking at people so menacingly.
And yet, there are geniuses, and gifted/talented people who are already dead.
And you roam.
When I wander, I am lost.