This "w" "O" "r" "L" "d" MOST of YOU are living in is for "DUMBOS." I wasn't sure if I should put an "e" in dumboes.
You come here to speak your mind about how compassionate and empathetic you are for certain things, making you feel like good human beings doing the noble and righteous thing.
Yet all you are DOING is SPEWING, that's hot, how much HATRED and ANGER you have living inside "YOU."
You "come" here all the time, leave your FUCKING wordS of WISdom, like you have changed the world, or cured CAnCEr.
But "YOU" are losers, spending your TIME here, making a HUGE IMPACT in the world and Portland culture.
aLL YOU is, is LOSERZ.

Hey, you grammer losings with yer hot azz Engrish degree, spank my monkeis prease? Prease!