Your dog deserves a better human than you. I don't know if your dog exclusively bites runners, or if it just didn't like the look of me, but I feel like owning and caring for a dog that bites strangers should require more attention to detail, patience, and tolerance than you seem able to offer.
I didn't punch your dog in the nose because I hate dogs, lady. I punched your dog because it lunged, scared the shit out of me, tripped me, and then bit me while I was scrambling to get up and away. Screaming at me that you were about to call the police was not helping your out of control dog to recover and regain composure either. See, if you have a dog that bites people, especially a bigger, scary dog, you should probably heel him when people are around or you think he's feeling cornered or aggressive. Letting his leash out 15 feet and being ignorant of your surroundings as you walk through the park just isn't gonna cut the mustard.

I realized after verbally sparring with you briefly that YOU were the one I should have bopped in the nose. No apology, no "my dog is a rescue...", no " are you ok?", just "fuck you, don't punch my dog, ima call the police.". Meanwhile the dog is slavering mad and still trying to attack me. W.T. F?

I ran off not because of your stupid threats to get law enforcement involved (I'm sure one look at my bleeding leg would have got your dog a death sentence and you a hefty fine) but because dealing with you is less pleasant than a dog bite