Dear Dog lover,
Please stop calling the animal emergency line every time you see a dog in a car.
A. Multnomah county after hours has ONE company they contract with after 5p and the ONE officer does not respond to anything that isn't an INJURED house pet (this does not mean hot) or a violent animal THAT HAS ATTACKED a HUMAN...and this has to be called in by a police officer.
B. Calling after hours and screaming at operators who have no more control of these rules than you do is idiotic. They are not going to give you permission to commit a felony by breaking car owners said window. THE ONLY WAY that you can LEGALLY fix this problem is by calling 911 and having a police officer come break the window AND the only way they will do this is if they feel the animals life is in danger I.e passing out from heat exhaustion... On deaths door knob already.
SO in conclusion... Until animals lives are given the same amount of importance in the eyes of the law...either take this shit into your own hands ( ones giving you permission to commit a felony) or call the cops. But don't call animal control. They won't do shit.