Fuck all you baby dick, bitch made, wannabe haters trying to right rants on this god damn rant blog.

I'm tired of these little dickskinned, sissy ass rants so kick up yo feet and witness how a true hater comes correct.

I hate dolphins, sunshine, my mom, kitten posters, nice furniture, bicycles, fresh baked cookies, purse dogs, the Red Cross, modern art, babies, hats, Halloween, alcoholic beverages, amphibians, Jesus, BBQ, titties, slip and slides, free lunch, latex gimp suits, hot chocolate, well mannered children, and horror movies. All that shit you lames are hating on is already unpleasant and easily disliked. Expand your palette you weak motherfuckers.

That's just the tip of the iceberg, so before any of you dickfaces thinks to remind me of something I forgot, just assume I hate whatever stupid thing you came up with because I already sincerely despise your pathetic guts and hope you all fucking die in a car accident on your way to a super fun party at chuckie cheeses.