tippers. Seriously!! I've been a strip club DJ for years, all over the country and I gotta say these girls are the most unprofessional anywhere.
The staff lives off of tips also. And are by far more important for business. We know our customers, and make them feel comfortable and appreciated.
Sure customers come in to see naked girls. But any naked girls will do. We are the reason regulars keep coming back.
The biggest problem is "most strip clubs per capita" which dilutes the talent. Any semi cute girl next door can get a job stripping in Portland. The attention they get goes straight to their head and they believe the world revolves around them. Obviously there are exceptions. Thankfully.
Like it or not girls, the DJ and the bartender are the most important people in the club. Learning to take care of the staff will increase your income. We know how to make more money for you.
$5 is a horrible tip. $10 is the bare minimum. And when you have monster days we should feel the love also. $20+
P.S. Rap is bad for business. It just is.