You know the ones. The rad leggings you found somewhere on N Concord Ave. The rad leggings I accidentally dropped from a small bundle of clothes I was carrying and returned less than an hour later to retrieve when I realized they were gone. The very same leggings that I have practically lived in since I first laid eyes on them last year.

I love Portland's free box culture, but my prized leggings were not meant to be someone's curbside treasure.

So they're just leggings. From Forever 21. Surely this mass producer of cheap, sometimes unethically made clothing has a lot of other southwestern inspired printed leggings. They do. They just don't have MY leggings anymore. I investigated. Not a single store in Oregon has them, nor are they sold online anymore. I have resorted to checking ebay daily, trying to navigate China's Forever 21 website, and fantasizing about flying to southern California to triumphantly seize each store's final pair.

My rad leggings are irreplaceable. I don't usually care this much about material things, but I want my leggings back, damn it.

Please, Universe?