Today I saw a bum sitting on the sidewalk with a couple of other bums. I've seen these red-faced fellas before, always drinking and philosophizing on god-knows-what. As I was waiting at the light, I saw the darker and shorter of the three bums stand up and start walking away. I noticed his pants were encrusted with dried urine and a dark stain was quite apparent on the seat, he was Ted Nugent dodging the draft dirty is what I'm trying to say. He walks a short distance and I see him throw away some trash in the trash can and right then and there, my mind was blown. Here's a man with urine and feces-encrusted pants and yet he doesn't litter? I mean, what in the fuck does he care about littering? He walks back to his friends just as my light was changing and I drove away utterly impressed and amazed with the chaotic beauty of nature.