Yes, You. Sure, pretend I'm wrong because you imagine I'm whatever you hate: A hipster (no, YOU are), a yuppie (no YOU are), or whatever. But the last 207,000 of you collectively ruined Portland. You turned it from the alternative to America to a sick caricature of it. YOU are to blame for the rent. YOU are to blame for what's happened to Division Street. You are a douchebag who ruins whatever you touch.

You. And your trend-hopping sense of entitlement. You, who thinks a tattoo is a stamp of approval. You, who think you're worth all the attention you spend your days seeking. You never understood what PDX was about — you just bought the Weiden and Kennedy marketing campaign. You aren't the opposite of capitalist consumerism; You are the frikkin epitome of it. Before you and your ilk arrived here, there was no traffic. -Real- individuals could thrive here. People weren't douchebags. You sir or madame, are what we used to thank God we were not.

And I want you to leave. You are vandal, a leech, a consumer. You are what sucks about America and now ...Portland.. Which is everything PDX used to be the opposite of. I hate you. Honestly I do.