You are representing and working at a seemingly great place. I come in and make my order, it's painfully obvious you hate me. You roll your eyes at me as I asked a simple question and when I asked several more, I felt you wanted to punch me out. So did the other diners about to leave. They were all " whoa" she don't like you !
The people behind me waiting to also place an order(s) straight up left.
And you hate me because of my race? Is that why
. I mean, I was and am so chiller in person...and the worst part is I was nothing but super nice to you. I was simple in my order and was super chiller when rung up and finished. It took a long time and I played the pussy white guy waiting for his food, knowing my yelp review would help others stay current.

But my order. Three wings in a decent sauce took 35 minutes. There was no one else waiting at this point and all I heard heard was a yammering conversation for like 30 minutes from the kitchen area
The 3 wings were ok and the 2,75 ounces of meat were decent but this! this is why you won't survive here. You are MEAN! and maybe employed by one white hating person but from here on out, I'm taking my shit down the road where I don't feel
eyeball daggers thrown into my soul and the people are way chiller.
You should take note.

Gonna make this better suited for yelp and never, ever even maybe pee a little in your bathroom, let alone visit your sorry racist asses!