I walked to the 82nd & Foster Fred Meyer with the hesitation of meeting someone like You in the store, and oh boy! did you deliver! As I got my damn Hemp Granola you, in your loud ' look at me ' voice, commented about my clothes/body to your gang of wannabe naturalist, rasta friends. Wow.. I wanted to ask you a few questions; Who asked you to judge another being? How many times do you walk to get your Starbucks in the morning? Did anyone ever teach you judgement is Anti One Love & Unity?? When you hehe another You only Judge Yourself. My Goodness. I've gotten more Love and Respect from those you'd normally make fun of for being "normal". Go back to "How to be a Hippie" School and reenter society when you know how to properly represent Real Naturalists, One Love and Natty Vibes... Or... Put on your khakis, comb your hair, go back to your job at walmart and stop kidding yourself. I'm more hip pea than you'll ever be, simply because I don't judge you, I wish you an Open Mind and Heart for the future.
"You can fool some people sometimes, but you can't fool all the people all the time..."