Perusing through too many to count online profiles, both male and female, I've come across many trends that I find mildly disturbing. I won't go into women posing with fake mustaches (never men, always women) at this time, but goddamn it's an epidemic. The one thing that I have seen which knows no gender-specific barrier are white people posing with poor African kids. Ok, you went to Africa to help these poor children out (good for you -the padre will punch your ticket on your way out), but do you have to post photos of your trip on an online dating site? There's just something odd about seeing white guy after white girl, all clean and nicely dressed, crouched down with a group of poor African kids surrounding them in some dirt village… like it's some kind of novelty. I don't know why this bugs me, but it does and I'm a white person myself. Perhaps it's because there's so many of these photos with this EXACT same image and I wonder what the person is trying to say? We're all trying to say something with our photos, right? "Look at me, I love to snowboard!" "I'm obsessed with dogs!" "I like posing in front of the mirror in my filthy bathroom; look at my abs!" So, what are these white people posing with poor African kids trying to say? I probably wouldn't have noticed if it was just one photo every now and again, but it's become a "thing" it seems. I don't know, there's just something weird about it.